4WS Inc. was established in 1996. Our intention was to operate a business on a very personal level with a high degree of customer service. We have taken advantage of our knowledge of motor vehicles, motor-sports and the power-sports industry to offer a multitude of products and services. We would rather you feel that you are part of a club, or maybe working with a private practice, vs. simply having a transaction with just another business.

We realize we cannot be all things to all people and welcome our role in your lives. Mark Weyls, owner: 4WS Inc., has always had a “hands on” mentality and enjoys all aspects of his business from the greeting to the good-bye and everything in between.

4WS Inc. is essentially two businesses operating under one name and the same location. Naturally, there is a considerable amount of overlap between the AUTOMOTIVE and POWERSPORTS sides.

In the beginning, 4WS successfully located (primarily from Dealer Only Auctions) the vehicle of interest for our customers. As a licensed, insured, motor-vehicle dealer we are able to efficiently locate vehicles and offer them at near wholesale prices. Essentially, you order your late-model car or truck from us and we produce within several weeks (or sooner). We take great pride in educating our customers about all aspects of the car buying process. In addition, after purchasing a vehicle from 4WS, you know exactly what you are getting.

Over the years, 4WS has added additional services that include: Notary, Out of State Inspections, Appraisals as well as pre-purchase inspections (PPI) that include more than just an inspection of the vehicle but a thorough evaluation of the vehicle’s history. The owner likens himself to a “motor vehicle concierge”.

What some consider to be a hobby, or maybe a second job, 4WS aligned itself with the biggest aftermarket parts suppliers in the world. From our humble facility, we have been able to offer competitive pricing on brand name products, even finding ourselves in a position to compete with the internet. Whether you enjoy riding the interstate, exploring an unimproved road, single track (or race track) we can accommodate your needs for tires, riding gear and more. Not only do we enjoy most aspects of the sport, we have supported National Champions young and “not so young”. Check out our Scrapbook for some pretty special pics… Though we specialize in tires, we offer other services such as front and rear suspension rebuilding, chassis and brake service and more.

Again, Mark gets a great deal of satisfaction helping new riders, returning riders, men and woman, boys and girls learn how to ride, maintain and enjoy the sport.

Click on the links below to learn more about the products we would be honored to sell you. Usually, we have product in 1 to 2 days and do whatever it takes to earn your business.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little more about 4WS Inc. We hope you give us the opportunity to work for you in the future.


Mark T. Weyls, Owner/President
4WS Incorporated
6680 Center Rd.
PO Box 192
Valley City, OH. 44280

Phone: 330 483 3100
Fax: 330 483 3851